Scratch & 8-15 Fixtures

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8 – 15’s

17/05/2019Friday8-15sLeague Vs Woodhall Hills, Home
19/05/2019Sunday8-15sTeam Championship, The Manor
24/05/2019Friday8-15sLeague Vs Woodhall Hills, Away
07/06/2019Friday8-15sLeague Vs Calverley, Home
14/06/2019Friday8-15sLeague Vs Calverley, Away
05/07/2019Friday8-15sLeague Vs Bracken Ghyll, Home
12/07/2019Friday8-15sLeague Vs Bracken Ghyll, Away
14/07/2019Sunday8-15sIndividual Championship, West Bradford
19/07/2019Friday8-15sLeague Vs Shipley, Away
26/07/2019Friday8-15sLeague Vs Shipley, Home
02/08/2019Friday8-15sLeague Vs The Manor, Home
04/08/2019Sunday8-15s4 Ball Trophy, Bracken Ghyll
09/08/2019Friday8-15sLeague Vs The Manor, Away
14/08/2019Wednesday8-15sAnniversary Trophy, West Bradford
08/09/2019Sunday8-15sFinals Day
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