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Another Fantastic Bonfire Night At Fulneck

Bonfire Night is one of the biggest events of the Social Calendar for Fulneck Golf Club. After weeks of planning the night was finally upon us, and boy did it go off with a bang.

2014 saw us attract the biggest crowd we have ever seen at FGC and we were not sure what to expect this year, our plans were to attract even more but the risk of over spending on food and fireworks is always in the back of your mind, you ask yourself ‘what if nobody turns up?’ well the answer to that was we would be eating pie and peas every Saturday for a year and we would have the biggest fireworks display for miles on new years eve. Continue reading

Race Night Was A Huge Success

Saturday night was our first Race Night here at Fulneck Golf Club, none of us were sure what to expect and we were all pleasantly surprised. There was a much bigger turnout than initially expected, so much so that there was furniture being moved from one room to another and we ran out of pies. So thank to everyone who came down to make it a great night. Continue reading

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