Weekend Working

If you were down this Saturday 17th February 2024, you will have noticed that work was continuing improving the golf course.

The 6th Bunker.

Drainage is being added to finally bring this bunker back in to play.

7th Steps

The steps have been ripped away to allow the construction for new and safer steps.

5th Path from the green

The path on the 5th which takes you to the field as been scraped back where if budget allows a more stable surface will be installed.

Thank You Tom

I wanted to extend a heartfelt thank you to Tom for his hard work and dedication over the weekend. His commitment to the team and the project is truly commendable. Hopefully his efforts did not go unnoticed, and they are greatly appreciated.



Misery Mounds


We have listened and the speed bumps, which could have many names I chose Misery Mounds, but they could be named Torture Tops for example some are to be removed.  It has been suggested that every other Excruciation Elevations will be removed.

What happens to these construction miracles have yet to be decided, they could be assembled in Seven Sister Wood in a round circle and depicted as an ancient spiritual site any suggestions that you may have can be forwarded to a committee member where they will be shared with you all and voted on at a future date.

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