20TH JULY 2024



No matter whether you are a fan of golf or not you are sure to enjoy the game of pub golf. For a start, there is no need to get up early in the morning and carry a big bag of golf clubs, Instead, you can enjoy a few hours of drinking in your favorite pubs with your friends.


Pub golf combines the fun of dressing up and going on a pub crawl with a hint of golf. The golfing aspect mainly involves selecting the “holes” (pubs) you’ll visit and assigning a par (number of sips, swigs, or gulps) for each drink. The goal is to complete the course (pub crawl) in as few sips/swigs as possible. Drinks can be alcoholic or non-alcoholic—this activity is inclusive and open to everyone.


Like traditional golf, each participant in pub golf will need a scorecard to track their performance. Each pub on the course has a designated “par,” representing the number of swigs required to finish the drink served there. If you consume the entire drink in exactly the par number of swigs, you’ve achieved par. Consuming the drink in fewer or more swigs results in being under or over par for that pub, respectively. The goal is to have the lowest cumulative score (fewest total swigs) by the end of the evening to win.


This event is besides being fun is also to raise fund for MND, therefore there will be a price to pay!

  • 50p fine for a spilling a drink
  • £1 fine for the use of a caddie. e.g (bus or Taxi)
  • £1 fine for missing a hole (pub) or falling over.
  • £2 fine for being caught cheating.
  • £3 fine for throwing up during the game.
  • £5 fine for starting a fight with other players.

These fines contribute to the fundraising effort for MND while adding an element of challenge and responsibility to the game.

Unfortunately, there are too many par threes on Fulneck Golf Course to use as our score sheet, therefore we will use the home of golf, where the game was first played 600 years ago, St Andrews. 

Our starting point and the first hole will be The Railway in Rodley.

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