Due to the persistent rain, we’ve experienced during the autumn and winter months, Fulneck Golf Club would like to clarify that we have not engaged in cloud seeding. If you’re unfamiliar with cloud seeding, here’s a brief explanation:

“Cloud seeding involves dispersing substances into the air to act as cloud condensation or ice nuclei. Common agents include silver iodide, potassium iodide, and dry ice, while hygroscopic materials like table salt are gaining popularity for their ability to attract moisture. Techniques range from static seeding, which encourages ice particle formation in supercooled clouds to increase precipitation, to dynamic seeding, designed to enhance convective cloud development through the release of latent heat.”

Still not too sure think of Dubai.

What we can confirm is that Rob and Tom have been diligently cutting most areas of the golf course this week, and it’s thankfully starting to resemble a proper golf course.

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