This week at Fulneck you will have seen a great deal of disruption, this is to rectify paths, drainage and get those dam bunkers back in to play.  Hopefully these improvements will lead to reducing the times closed plus improve your enjoyment of the course.

The Disruption:

As the fifth tee and forth green are out of action, Rob, Tom, the soon to be removed Captain Side-track and a very helpful volunteer by the name of Mr Keith Stott were out early on Tuesday starting to build a new path to the 5th Tee.  However, rumours are abounding that Mr Stott maybe a saboteur wanting to increase the membership at Royals Gotts. Of course I was there too.

Other tasks to be completed drainage around the 1st green, work on the 9th fairway and improvements to the 5th and 6th bunkers.

The Vision for Improvement:

The main reasons for the path it will allow all year access to the course allowing clear access and improve drainage away from the greens and bunkers.

Timeline and Completion:

Work started on 13th February, the work with the heavy machinery will be finished by Monday evening 19th February.  There will be a period of connecting pipes, pea shingle and everything goes to plan which is 100% dependent on the weather will be completed by the second week in March.

Benefits for Golfers:

We appreciate that the quagmire by the scarred bonfire site is a mess but look on the positives if you hit it there you didn’t hit it far enough and you do get a free drop.  With all the changes being made it is hoped to improve the golfing enjoyment of the whole course and allow us to keep with all the maintenance requirements whatever the weather.

Communication and Updates:

Any changes to the timeline due to unforeseen circumstances all members will be notified immediately via WhatsApp.

Acknowledging Challenges:

The main challenges are navigating through path from the first tee to the first fairway; We hope you appreciate with the heavy machinery and the movement of forty tonnes of scalping we had to go the shortest and least disruptive route, helicopters were out of our budget.

Call to Action:

Nature is a wonderful thing as the improvements are made and the ground repairs you will see the benefits of not losing you buggies, boots and balls in the mud.


Stick with us, not the mud with the hard work and long hours being put in we hope you will have a great summer golfing at Fulneck.

Captain Hotdogs Tee

On Wednesday Tom with the use of the hired mini digger removed the second tee.  If you are not sure what I am talking about this was turning in to the local fly tipping area and could be seen from space.  As you can see from the pictures this had to be performed in utmost secrecy and under the cover of darkness.

Goodbye, to Captain’s Hotdog second golf tee! May your days be filled with straight drives and successful putts. Until our next game, farewell

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