The Great Sunday Lunch


Fulneck Golf Club

The Sunday roast is an integral part of Britain’s national identity, rooted in family traditions dating back to the 15th century. Don’t let this delicious piece of our history fade away, especially when it tastes so good!

It’s believed that the Sunday roast was introduced during King Henry VII’s reign in 1485. His guards, known as ‘beefeaters’, reportedly could eat as much roast beef as they wanted when dining with the king. Though the exact reason is unclear, this tradition has endured through the centuries.

There’s no better reason to gather the whole family than to enjoy a delicious Sunday roast. This long-standing tradition is the perfect occasion to catch up with loved ones and reflect on the week gone by. The saying goes, “A Sunday well spent brings a week of content,” and that couldn’t be truer. Ending the week with a hearty meal surrounded by family and friends not only provides a delightful conclusion to the weekend but also re-energizes you for the week ahead.

Join us every Sunday from 12:00 to 17:00. No need to peel vegetables, cook roasts, or mix batter—just come down and enjoy a perfectly prepared Sunday dinner with your family and friends.

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