Lake Victoria

On August 3rd 1858John Hanning Speke was to declare that he had locared the source of the White Nile which is approximately 6.650 KM long (that is 4,130 miles in old money). Running from north to south and entering the Mediterranean Sea at Alexander. The Nile is the longest river in Africa and possibly the world.  When Speke viewed the falls leading to the Nile from a Lake he Called Lake Victoria for the very first time he was in awe of the amazing spectacle and stayed all day to view the magnificent sight.


Now you might be wondering what this has to do with Fulneck Golf Club, nothing.  But we do also have our own mystery which has been going on a few years maybe also decades where are the drains for the first green and where does the water that keeps appearing come from.

This week 13th November, Rob, and Tom ably assisted by Captain Sidetrack set off to find the answers and navigate the quagmire of the first.  Multiple dead ends, broken pipes, blockages have led to a proliferation of possible solutions, unlike The Nile hopefully the team will be able to alter the water flow and resolve all the drainage issues that they have found.

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