Introducing The TurboScrubber

I’ve seen the numerous improvements made to Fulneck Golf Course. Bunkers are gradually being reinstated and should be fully available by the third week of May. We’re optimistic that the first green will be back in action this weekend for the May Day Bank Holiday, especially with the BBC weather forecast predicting dry conditions!

Rob and Tom have been hard at work ensuring all fairways are neatly cut, and the overall layout of the golf course is beginning to take shape.

In addition to highlighting the skills of our greens team, we’re excited to introduce a new tool invented by Tom called the TurboScrubber, which has been patented. While its appearance may resemble a toilet brush attached to a drill to the untrained eye, this versatile design is incredibly efficient at cleaning golf cups. It can also be used for various other cleaning tasks, with attention to cleanliness and revolution speed being essential safety considerations when utilising this innovative tool.

The Mark 1 TurboScrubber

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