Although the children’s magic show is not until Easter Sunday we have been doing a bit of magic ourselves.

During the winter Rob and Tom with the wonderful support of Captain Sidetrack have probably to most people’s eyes have been creating mayhem.  A channel here, a moat there, a bear trap and a few man traps have been created.  On the positives there has not been any lost equipment or loss of lives to report. 

Today the drainage around the first green is nearing completion, to a point it could have been used this weekend, however executive decisions have been made to push this back a few days and give the area an extra rest time.

Next week extensive work is to be carried out on the bunkers and if that pesky rain and wind stops there are plans for the greens and fairways too.

We will keep you updated on any changes, enhancements or any new creative solutions from Captain Sidetrack, and the team.

Ditch around the First Green
Boys with toys
Captain Sidetrack patented drainage pipe EndCap
A bit of grass
What happened to the ditch?

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