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Hole: 4

Distance: 170 Yards Par: 3 Stroke Index: 12 Second of the par 3 holes is the first of the valley holes at 170 yards long a simple enough hole that is in full view all the way. The undulating green is guarded by two bunkers to the left. Beware the hooked shot will disappear into the Sisters woods on the left. Two drainage ditches can come into play on this hole, one bounds the Sisters woods on the left and the other runs directly across the fairway. Fulneck 4th Hole

Hole: 13

Distance: 216 Yards Par: 3 Stroke Index: 7 The 13th hole is a very different prospect to the 4th as this hole now appears to funnel to the distant green at 216 yard. Sisters woods to the left and the ditch across the fairway now come into play and any sliced ball could end up in the beck on the right. Fulneck 13th Hole

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