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Hole: 8

Distance: 407 Yards Par: 4 Stroke Index: 5 A 407 yard par 4 that is fraught with danger as any wayward drive to the left will be caught by the beck and to the right the trees bounding the 6th and 8th fairways cause further problems. A poorly hit or short drive can also be in trouble in or behind the copse of trees in the centre of the fairway. A green protected by two bunkers to the left and also it’s close proximity to the beck and out of bound to the right and rear make your second shot a risk reward. The green is large and flat is the most forgiving part of this hole. Fulneck 8th Hole

Hole: 17

Distance: 387 Yards Par: 4 Stroke Index: 6 From this alternatively positioned tee the first decision is do you go for the gap between the tall trees to find the centre of the fairway, or play safe and go for the hillside giving a more difficult second shot to the green. When the decision is made you will still have to make a good second shot to score well on this hole. Fulneck 17th Hole

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