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Hole: 9

Distance: 414 Yards Par: 4 Stroke Index: 1 Hole 9 is not only a good test of your golfing ability it will also test your fitness, this hole rises from the valley floor back to the Clubhouse. Make a good drive straight up the steep hill onto the plateau as a shot leaking to the left will leave you in serious trouble in the trees. Your next shot should be kept down the centre of the fairway as again a loose shot can be lost in the trees to the left or obstructed in the copse to the right. The plateau green has a bunker to the right and is part sloped to the front, not an easy green to score well on. Fulneck 9th Hole

Hole: 18

Distance: 414 Yards Par: 4 Stroke Index: 4 The final hole is still as difficult as the first time around only now it’s more of a physical challenge, but at least a relaxing drink is not too far away. Fulneck 18th Hole

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